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About Projectscope

Projectscope is a project management service provider, set up in May 2008 by Gertjan Wijdenes. Since 1996 Gertjan had been working for KPN as senior project manager in a variety of projects.

Vision & goals

Innovation and change is part of proper business management. Change will always have to lead to improvement, both for the customer as for the company involved! In order to manage these changes projects and programs are defined, parallel to the regular business activities.
Projectscope is able to support you as director of these projects or programmes, in which the necessary changes in business processes, business data, business systems and business organisation are developed and implemented: smart business project management!


Projectscope has its own ‘triceps’-approach: WHAT, HOW, WHO. This approach is only successful as soon as the important ‘why’ is obtained: which business goal has to be achieved and which challenges have to be faced for this purpose?

WHAT: what change is needed to achieve the desired business goal?

One of the most important criteria for success in my projects has always been the scoping, the definition of the scope of the project or programme. I perform this scoping during the project definition, in consultation with the principal and consistent with the business goals and necessary priority definition. Starting with the project goals the scoping has major impact on the project deliverables that are mostly produced during several project stages.

Result: the right activities.

HOW: in which way do the defined activities have to be performed?

Standard methodologies like Prince2™ and MSP (Managing Successful Programs) are the guide book for execution of the project or programme. As a project manager I am responsible for the proper adaptation of the methods to the assignment’s context, making sure that the approach is optimal. A standard method is supposed to be a useful tool and not to become a goal.

Result: the right activities with the proper approach.

WHO: the best resources.

Attaining the defined project objectives is only possible with the right resources and skills. As a project manager I am experienced in setting up the ‘winning team”: principal, steering committee, project manager, project team including experts, and suppliers. In combination with an adequate communication structure and decision making process the project or programme is ready for take off.
My experience include the quality to stimulate and motivate the team in a coaching style in order to really achieve the defined objectives.

Result: the right activities with the proper approach and the best resources.