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The following projects that I managed are illustrative for the diversity of my assignments:

April 2007 till April 2008 - Development and Implementation of a knowledge management system at KPN

Assignment of KPN Consumer Market Multiplay to manage the development of a knowledge management system for the contact center KPN Contact. The result is a structural improvement of the processes and organisation of the management system SOS by introducing modular scripts. The achieved business target is the substantial increase in resolution capacity of KPN Contact's 1st line Multiplay helpdesk and 1st line Internet helpdesk.

September 2006 till April 2007 - Project ZIPB IP Centrex at KPN

As part of the programme 'Zakelijk InternetPlus Bellen' of KPN Business Market I was the responsible project manager for the Wholesale & Operations activities during the Businessplanning and Design phase. The result of the overall programme is the introduction of VoIP products in the SME market, based on the IMS Core of Lucent and products of BroadSoft and Atreus. Beside this project manager responsibility I also managed the KPN-procurement team during the pre-deployment phase with Lucent, BroadSoft and Atreus.

March 2005 till Oktober 2005 - Project SYMPAC partner implementation E-Plus

At the start of SYMPAC as daughter of KPN Mobile I was the responsible project manager for the partner-implementation of E-Plus. The result is a signed contract between SYMPAC and E-Plus, and implementation of processes and services that allow SYMPAC to offer their MVNO-services to multinational companies with settlements in Germany.

July 2004 till December 2005 - UMTS-pilot between KPN Mobile, TNO and AMC

As part of the UMTS-programme of KPN Mobile I was the responsible project manager in the UMTS customer pilot, which KPN Mobile performed successfully with TNO and AMC Amsterdam. The result of this strategic UMTS-pilot in health care allows the intensive care specialist of AMC to remotely monitor the intensive care transport to and from the AMC Amsterdam. The supporting services are based on mobile data services of KPN Mobile.

Oktober 2003 till July 2004 - UMTS-pilots between KPN Mobile, TNO, City Counsil of The Hague and ENECO Energy

As part of the UMTS-programme of KPN Mobile I managed two out of the four pilots with business customers of KPN Mobile: leading two multidisciplinairy project teams made up of participants of KPN, TNO, City Counsil of The Hague and ENECO Energy. For KPN Mobile and the participating companies the result of these pilots consists of insight in usibility of mobile data services (based on UMTS and GPRS) in the primairy processes of business customers.

September 2000 till September 2001 - Interim manager Planet Media Group ICT

Within Planet Media Group I set up a new department ICT Projects & Accountmanagement consisting of accountmanagement and project management within the ICT-organisation. The business goal is a managed project management process for the IT-division of the Planet Media Group when dealing with internal or external assignments (e.g. National IQ-test for Eyeworks).

July1999 till September 2000 - Project ADSL Planet Internet

Assigned by the director of Planet Internet I was responsible for the project development of the first ADSL-subscriptions marketed by Planet Internet. In close cooperation with KPN the multidisciplinary project team of Planet Internet succeeded to launch the broadband internet access products as first ISP in the Netherlands. These products formed the basis of the successful Planet Internet broadband portfolio.